dicom_parser.utils.code_strings.modality module

Definition of the Modality class.

class dicom_parser.utils.code_strings.modality.Modality(value)

Bases: dicom_parser.utils.choice_enum.ChoiceEnum

Represents the Modality attribute.

AR = 'Autorefraction'
ASMT = 'Content Assessment Results'
AU = 'Audio'
BDUS = 'Bone Densitometry (ultrasound)'
BI = 'Biomagnetic imaging'
BMD = 'Bone Densitometry (X-Ray)'
CR = 'Computed Radiography'
CT = 'Computed Tomography'
CTPROTOCOL = 'CT Protocol (Performed)'
DG = 'Diaphanography'
DOC = 'Document'
DX = 'Digital Radiography'
ECG = 'Electrocardiography'
EDS = 'Endoscopy'
EPS = 'Cardiac Electrophysiology'
FID = 'Fiducials'
GM = 'General Microscopy'
HC = 'Hard Copy'
HD = 'Hemodynamic Waveform'
IO = 'Intra-Oral Radiography'
IOL = 'Intraocular Lens Data'
IVOCT = 'Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography'
IVUS = 'Intravascular Ultrasound'
KER = 'Keratometry'
KO = 'Key Object Selection'
LEN = 'Lensometry'
LS = 'Laser surface scan'
M3D = 'Model for 3D Manufacturing'
MG = 'Mammography'
MR = 'Magnetic Resonance'
NM = 'Nuclear Medicine'
OAM = 'Ophthalmic Axial Measurements'
OCT = 'Optical Coherence Tomography (non-Ophthalmic)'
OP = 'Ophthalmic Photography'
OPM = 'Ophthalmic Mapping'
OPT = 'Ophthalmic Tomography'
OPTBSV = 'Ophthalmic Tomography B-scan Volume Analysis'
OPTENF = 'Ophthalmic Tomography En Face'
OPV = 'Ophthalmic Visual Field'
OSS = 'Optical Surface Scan'
OT = 'Other'
PLAN = 'Plan'
PR = 'Presentation State'
PT = 'Positron emission tomography (PET)'
PX = 'Panoramic X-Ray'
REG = 'Registration'
RESP = 'Respiratory Waveform'
RF = 'Radio Fluoroscopy'
RG = 'Radiographic imaging (conventional film/screen)'
RTDOSE = 'Radiotherapy Dose'
RTIMAGE = 'Radiotherapy Image'
RTPLAN = 'Radiotherapy Plan'
RTRECORD = 'RT Treatment Record'
RTSTRUCT = 'Radiotherapy Structure Set'
RWV = 'Real World Value Map'
SEG = 'Segmentation'
SM = 'Slide Microscopy'
SMR = 'Stereometric Relationship'
SR = 'SR Document'
SRF = 'Subjective Refraction'
STAIN = 'Automated Slide Stainer'
TG = 'Thermography'
US = 'Ultrasound'
VA = 'Visual Acuity'
XA = 'X-Ray Angiography'
XC = 'External-camera Photography'

dicom_parser.utils.code_strings.patient_position module

Definition of the PatientPosition class.

class dicom_parser.utils.code_strings.patient_position.PatientPosition(value)

Bases: dicom_parser.utils.choice_enum.ChoiceEnum

Represents the Patient Position attribute.

AFDL = 'Anterior First-Decubitus Left'
AFDR = 'Anterior First-Decubitus Right'
FFDL = 'Feet First-Decubitus Left'
FFDR = 'Feet First-Decubitus Right'
FFP = 'Feet First-Prone'
FFS = 'Feet First-Supine'
HFDL = 'Head First-Decubitus Left'
HFDR = 'Head First-Decubitus Right'
HFP = 'Head First-Prone'
HFS = 'Head First-Supine'
LFP = 'Left First-Prone'
LFS = 'Left First-Supine'
PFDL = 'Posterior First-Decubitus Left'
PFDR = 'Posterior First-Decubitus Right'
RFP = 'Right First-Prone'
RFS = 'Right First-Supine'

dicom_parser.utils.code_strings.scanning_sequence module

Definition of the ScanningSequence class.

class dicom_parser.utils.code_strings.scanning_sequence.ScanningSequence(value)

Bases: dicom_parser.utils.choice_enum.ChoiceEnum

Represents the Scanning Sequence attribute.

EP = 'Echo Planar'
GR = 'Gradient Recalled'
IR = 'Inversion Recovery'
RM = 'Research Mode'
SE = 'Spin Echo'

dicom_parser.utils.code_strings.sequence_variant module

Definition of the SequenceVariant class.

class dicom_parser.utils.code_strings.sequence_variant.SequenceVariant(value)

Bases: dicom_parser.utils.choice_enum.ChoiceEnum

Represents the Sequence Variant attribute.

MP = 'MAG Prepared'
MTC = 'Magnetization Transfer Contrast'
NONE = 'None'
OSP = 'Oversampling Phase'
SK = 'Segmented k-Space'
SP = 'Spoiled'
SS = 'Steady State'
TRSS = 'Time Reversed Steady State' module

Definition of the Sex class.


Bases: dicom_parser.utils.choice_enum.ChoiceEnum

Represents the Patient’s Sex attribute.

F = 'Female'
M = 'Male'
O = 'Other'

Module contents

DICOM data elements with the Code String (CS) value-representation (VRs) represented as Enum instances.